"Life's a wheel of fortune, and it's my chance to spin it."

"The only things that come to a sleeping man are dreams."

-Tupac Shakur


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name abi
dob 2/21/89
location connecticut
sports cross-country, tennis, track, volleyball, basketball
tv shows 8 simple rules, gilmore girls, 7th heaven, rich girls, boy meets world, full house
movies now & then, dumb & dumber, uptown girls, legally blonde & legally blonde 2, 8 mile, center stage
instruments keyboard/piano, electric guitar, trumpet
hobbies sports, running, reading, making collages and scrapbooks, photography, swimming, movies, shopping, writing, computers, guitar, music, more!

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Jan 28, 2004

tonight i went online and shannon told me all i needed to know about some stuff for lit. that i didn't have notes on. shes awesome--what a lifesaver!!! *thanks shannon* =] then i called mandi and we quizzed each other and we both know everything really well..hopefully we'll do better than last time on the test!! then jaime called and invited me to sleepover saturday night!!! i didnt remind my mom im already having a sleepover with sam on friday or shed probably say no, lol. its supposed to snow saturday but im supposed to go snowboarding with sam. hopefully conditions will be good!! considering i havent snowboarded in about 2 years i could really use good conditions. thennn i put some more CDs onto my mp3 player.. i added 2 led zeppelin CDs, guns n roses, the ramones, and i think i put the rolling stones but i forget. and then i had some ice cream and watched lizzie mcguire and THEN i did some more studying!! oh and i wrote a song too. id publish it here but its not that great yet. i havent thought of a title yet but its about...... ok ill keep that a secret too. i brought my microphone and stand up to my room so i could practice in here instead of the basement. im not the singer or anything but i just wanted to try out a tune. i also wrote some music on the keyboard for it but i havent played in ages so i was kind of tone deaf. and i practiced my chords too but they totally dont go with the song. oh well... maybe mandah will come over this weekend and we'll jam!! oh and when i go to jaime's i have to hear her drum bc the last time i went i barely gave her a chance bc i was obsessed w/ her drumset, but she got a new one for xmas! woot woot! lol ~ pretty low-key night but fun anyways!! =D

~ ToMoRrOw ~
-world studies midterm
-world lit. midterm
-track practice
-meeting with my mentor for confirmation class =/
^ very boring + stressful day but at least midterms will be OVER

 Abi has no friends
but is gorgeous none-the-less
^ hahah jaime..u kno its true!

RiGhT nOw:
WeArInG ~ green pajama pants, blue and grey pj shirt
EaTiNg ~ nothing
DrInKiNg ~ water
WaTcHiNg ~ nothing
LiStEnInG tO ~ guns n roses
ThInKiNg AbOuT ~ midterms
DoInG ~ this and reading about the parts of speech online [http://eslus.com/LESSONS/GRAMMAR/POS/pos.htm totally helpful site!]
ShOuLd Be DoInG ~ probably studying but i just did so i guess this is a break!
JuSt DiD ~ took a shower then watched lizzie mcguire and ate ice cream!
GoInG tO dO lAtEr ~ study and go to sleep!
TaLkInG tO ~ no one at the moment! but i was talking to my mentor a little while ago

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woot woot!

yessss! today is a SNOOOWWW DAAAAYYYYY and i totally needed it bc i was supposed to have  my world studies and lit. midterms today.. and i wasnt ready for either of them. i got up at 4am to check the tv to see if we had school and our school wasnt posted for a delay//snow day.. so i went in my room and studied bc i rreeeeallly needed to. then it occured  to me that they dont have to post it til 5am, so at 5 i checked.. still nothing. so then my dad came in and i was like I CANT BELIEVE WE HAVE SCHOOL THOSE SON OF A BITCHES and he told me that he was going to plow the driveway bc there was no way in hell wed be getting out of it for a few hours ((i have a really long driveway)) and thennnn he came back in later and hes like NO SCHOOOOOL like a little kid, mostly bc now he doesnt have to go to work.. but i didnt believe him i thought he was kidding so i threw my slipper at him.. and then he laughed and said that my mom had called. whoohoo!! so then i went back to sleep, slept til 11:45, and am currently procrastinating studying.. and starving my ass off. im going to have lunch. byee xoxo

SAM! u poor thing u have school!! good luck on ur test this week! =]

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things are looking up cont.'d

yeah ok the whole reason i titled the entry yesterday 'things are looking up' was referring to the whole bryn/leah thing..which i totally didnt talk about but ooooook. i think its all good.. at school the day before yesterday bryn acted like nothing ever happened which was FINE WITH ME but then i was talking to becca at her locker and i was like why the hell was she ever mad at me i didnt do anything and leah was right behind becca and i didnt even realize it and i think she heard cuz she totally avoided looking at us...=[ ok well thats enough of that =] just giving u the update! =P

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Jan 27, 2004
things are looking up!! =)

ooo happy day! lol. ok lets seeeee.. i have to update you on yesterday! well first of all, my science midterm was hard as hell. probly got a d, a c i'm lucky. but that's not too bad because i have an a- in science.. so i think i'll only be half-screwed, lol. and then band. well, it was about a 5-7 minute midterm that was easy as pie! and then we got to mess around in the sound proofed music room while mr. k left.. YES! mike put on acdc and me and mandah were air guitaring [we have to learn that song!!!!] and me bryn jaime and mandah were writing on the board. then we locked kate in a tuba locker!!! [its like a cage so u can see through it] and we told her we accidently put on the wrong lock and mr. k didnt have the combination! she says she didnt believe us but she totally did. lol. it was fun! then my mom took me and becca to peppers for lunch and then i went home and studied for math!!!! then i went to confirmation and we had to sit in on this church meeting. kristen was studying for bio and me and guy were playing hang-man and the connect the dots game thingy. and then guy wrote abi is gay and passed it around and..hes stupid. and matt drew a picture of jonny now and in 50 years.. and then guy changed the picture so jonny's picture had a joint in his mouth and a bottle of whiskey in his hand and his eyes all veiny and weird. it was funny but matt had to hand that paper in! ahahahaha. thennn, i came home, took a looong shower, and studied some more for math. and that brings me to today! the math midterm wasnt as hard as guy and kristen said it would be. unless i did it all wrong, which is probably the case. and THEN i went outside for my mom to pick me up and i was talking to john, who i havent talked to in ages, and we were talking about the math test and stuff.. hes so nice!!! i miss being neighbors! its funny tho cuz we used to hate each other! maybe he still hates me lol but he was really nice today. =D andddd now im studying for lit. and history... and praying for a snow day! originally we were supposed to get 15 inches of snow but not theyre saying only 7. if we have school tomorrow i am soooo screwed for my midterms!! becca said the lit. one is ridiculously hard. grrreeeaaaattt. well i better go study!!!! xoxo

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Jan 25, 2004
i just threw up.

i just threw up.

all this midterm stress is crazy! im going out of my fucking mind.

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leigh emma . trisha  jean .
rebecca lauren . lisa danelle .
kelsey elizabeth . carolann jean
katherine AnNe . lauren elizabeth
kristine marrie .  emily lauren.lyl<33

that's leah's profile. as u may have noticed, my name is not there. originally, it was. WHEN SHE WAS MAD AT ME. but she apologized [check earlier entries] and now i'm not there. she apologized and that was with the whole thing where i was signed on w/o an away msg. son of a bitch! WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO ANYONE!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

ok, ok, i'm sure i screwed up somewhere. but honest to god, would she just TELL me what i did this time??

i dont usually have this many fuckups. you'll have to excuse the multiple entries. whoa this is like the millionth one i entered today. i'm done worrying about leah. seriously, i couldnt give a fuck less. because she's just being moody and weird.

and bryn, shes seriously not in the band. like i dont even care what mandi says.

there, problems solved.

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convo. with bryn continued

**Note: this conversation takes off from where i got her away message: planning a party.. and i said i would go cry to amanda...
also please note, sn's have been changed

FooiE070: ok u do that

xcaestrack: im done fighting with you so if ur in the mood to yell tell me now so i can block u

xcaestrack: we were both being stupid but stop dwelling on it

FooiE070: im not "dwelling"....and i NEVER yelled

xcaestrack: its things like that that u keep saying.. just stop talking about it

xcaestrack: stop

xcaestrack: like dont even say anything about it

FooiE070: ok fine i won't

xcaestrack: thank you!!

FooiE070: can i please say something

xcaestrack: go ahead but ur only proving my point and she totally was

FooiE070: wuc04aacaes...____ __ ____...2004...amanda and u.... we dont want our band name stolen!

FooiE070: right?

xcaestrack: precisely

FooiE070: that means u and amanda...____ __ ____

xcaestrack: 2 for 2

xcaestrack: anything else?

FooiE070: but im in it too

xcaestrack: yes..

FooiE070: thats not the guitar thing

FooiE070: thats the band

xcaestrack: mmhmm..

xcaestrack: right..

xcaestrack: are you hinting that you would like your innitials added?

FooiE070: and ur saying its only u and amanda

xcaestrack: correct

xcaestrack: all u have to do is ask

xcaestrack: but anyways

xcaestrack: when mandah was here

xcaestrack: i was under the impression that it WAS just the two of us

xcaestrack: i didnt kno u had anything to do with ____ __ ____

xcaestrack: she said she told u she thought of that name

xcaestrack: but she never mentioned u having any part in it

xcaestrack: i wouldve added u

xcaestrack: but then u went nuts so i just didnt

xcaestrack: but anyways

xcaestrack: im just saying

xcaestrack: alright so ur done now, right?

FooiE070: only if u either take it out or put me in

xcaestrack: ur not going to always get ur way by yelling

xcaestrack: u couldve asked me to add you like.. 48 hours ago

xcaestrack: and i woulve said ok

xcaestrack: instead u started yelling

FooiE070: i was not yeling at all

xcaestrack: i mean

xcaestrack: "getting angry"

xcaestrack: U WERE TOO

FooiE070: i never yelled

xcaestrack: ok

xcaestrack: u calmly insulted

xcaestrack: is that better

xcaestrack: god

FooiE070: example please...

xcaestrack: i closed the convos from yesterday

xcaestrack: stop being so obnoxious

xcaestrack: u know what im talking about

FooiE070: WHAT?

xcaestrack: there you go again

and then i blocked her.. and then she put up her away message about planning a party. it's sort of getting to me that's she's trying to make me feel bad, i'll admit it. i hope she knows she's not in any band i'm playing in. biiitttccchhhh!!!!! =O

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good for you

"Good For You"
Third Eye Blind

Hey, will you stay a while.
My smile will not mislead you,
Cause I've been alone, my faith turned to stone,
Still there's something in you, that I believe in,
Close to your pierce,
I go wild and fierce,
Still I let you be,
I feel you next to me,
'Cause outside I feel,
A wind it starts to blow,
I'm taken in your undertow.
Everything is fine I'm lonely all the time,

Cause All I want to do is be there for the things that you're going through,
Well is it good for you,
Is it good for you.
Cause you haunt my nights when I don't know where my life should go,
Well is it good for you,
Is it good for you.

Hey, child please stay awhile.
My smile will not mislead you.
Cause I've been without.
I go wild with doubt,
I grab at you,
I can't stop grabbing at you,
Cause I feel you cross my mind in disarray, intoxicated ricochet,
There's nothing wrong,
just don't take too long,

Cause all I want to do is be there For the things that you're going through.
Well is it good for you,
Is it good for you?
Cause you haunt my nights when I don't know where my life should go,
Well is it good for you?
Is it good for you?

All I want to do is be there for the things that you're going through.
Well is it good for you (good for you)?
Well is it good for you (good for you)?
Cause you haunt my nights when I don't know where my life should go, (my life should go)
Well is it good for you (good for you)?
Well is it good for you?

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Note: SN(s) have been changed.

l e A h  x8: hey look abi.. im sorry about b4.. i shouldnt have been upset in the 1st place... but... i found info.about full house in french well yeah.. its not that spectatular or ne thing i just thinks it amusing.. well here it is if yah want to look @ it http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=perso.wanadoo.fr/lafetealamaison/images/acteurs.jpg&imgrefurl=http://perso.wanadoo.fr/lafetealamaison/acteurs.htm&hl=en&h=265&w=402&prev=/images%3Fq%3Djohn%2Bstamos%26start%3D60%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26oe%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DN

awww how nice. not. she totally acted like she didnt spend 4 years screaming at me. whatever, i'll just forgive her. it's easier that way.

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i just had a fight with my mom. a little fight, but honest to god. if one more person pisses me off, im riding my bike to new zealand.

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